Web Accessibility

Over £17bn of online revenue is lost each year to inaccessible websites.

Do you know how accessible your site is?

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Accessibility Auditing Service

Erudite’s 2020 Web Accessibility Benchmark aimed to gain a greater understanding into how accessible websites are to users with disabilities that may impact their experience on the internet.

Over £17 billion revenue a year is lost to sites being inaccessible, and from our findings it’s not difficult to see why – a tiny portion of sites surveyed catered to common accessibility requirements.

Find out how your site performs against the rest of the internet and your industry benchmarks and gain actionable insights into how to improve your site accessibility.

Accessibility Audit

Understand how accessible your site is compared to your peers, how your site’s accessibility issues impact users, and how to fix it.

Accessibility + UX Audit

Gain a greater insight into your site’s accessibility and user experience with actionable tips to improve.

Accessibility + UX + Performance

Understand how accessibility, user experience and site speed are impacting users and how to improve them.

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