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Get Ahead of the Competition

Most visits to your site start from a search engine. Not being on page one, especially on mobile, often means no sales. We ensure that you not only stay ahead of the competition but your customers are satisfied with the efficiency and ease of use of your website.

Optimising Your Online Store

An online store comes with its unique set of problems.  Crawling and indexing issues caused by faceted navigation and dynamically generated URLs, speed issues due to massive catalogues of product and asset serving, duplicate content due to similar products listed in different categories.

We have over 10+ experience resolving these issues on Drupal, Kentico, ShopifyPlus, WordPress and a host of custom platforms. We have seen them all and understand the complexities involved in fixing these issues.

What’s Covered

  • Resolving crawling and indexing issues
  • Planning and implementing site migrations
  • International expansion – opportunity identification, URL structure planning and content localisation strategy
  • User behaviour analysis for content optimisation and expansion
  • Check out funnel optimisation
  • Performance optimisation
  • Product page optimisation

Optimise Your Online Store the Erudite Way

Our data-driven approach ensures we make the right decision for your store, helping you achieve your commercial goals.

1. Data Hygiene and Reconciliation

Our strategy is data-driven so we prioritise data accuracy.

80% of the analytics account we review have been inaccurately set up so we start every campaign with a data audit to ensure you have the best data to make informed decisions maximising the potential for positive ROI.

2. Analysis and Recommendation

We understand that organic performance has multiple dependencies so we connect multiple data sources to analyse your performance and spot opportunity.

We provide recommendations that are tailored to your business goals, requirements and setup, not just best practice.

3. Measurement and Lessons Learned

The commercials and lessons learned are two of the most important aspects of any campaign. As a data-led agency, we understand the importance of reporting.

We are totally transparent in sharing all results so we can celebrate wins, learn lessons and build trust.

Ecommerce SEO Insights:

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Take your online shop to the next level with an Ecommerce strategy that is data-led and result-driven.

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