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Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

In 2019, Google published a white paper stating that E-A-T is a rating system it uses to combat misinformation.  The expertise and authority of your content are important to search engines as this is used to determine the trustworthiness of your site and build your site’s entity.

Site Quality Assessment

Improve your site’s visibility with a quality review.

We analyze your onsite and offsite signals against Google Quality Raters Guidelines to ensure it meets E-A-T standards and the expectation of your users.

What’s Included in Our E-A-T Audit

  • On-site reputation signals review – Content quality audit, ads to content ratio, author reputation and entity analysis
  • Off-site reputation signal reviewBacklinks analysis and social signal audit
  • Entity recognition audit – Review your brand entity. Does your brand have a cohesive identity?
  • Authority Analysis – Do you reference authority signals on your site (Qualifications, awards, links to expert research )? Are you compliant to your industry standards?

E-A-T Audit the Erudite Way

We have a process-driven approach to audit and Improve your sites’ expertise, authority, and trust.

1. Expertise

Search engines want to ensure they are showing the most useful results to users.

They do not just rely on subjective information to make that decision, instead using measurable signals that meet scientific consensus. We review your expertise against these data points to ensure your site passes these benchmarks.

2. Authoritativeness

Search engines do not just rely on the content on your site, they evaluate your off-site signals looking for external validation of the authority of your site, building your entity profile from the information they find.

We analyze your digital landscape, highlighting and issues with your reputation so you can fix it.

3. Trustworthiness

Qualifications, accreditations and compliance to industry standards is a strong signal of trust, especially for YMYL (your money or your life) sites.

If your site is in the financial, medical, or legal industry, having recognized proof is crucial for trustworthiness. We benchmark your site against industry standards highlighting gaps.

E-A-T Audit Insights:

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Will your site pass the E-A-T test? Let us help you improve your authority and grow your visibility

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