Strategic SEO for B2B

Improving B2B performance through technical SEO

B2B sales are never made instantly, but every sale starts with a discovery. Natural search is the best way to reach potential buyers to start the process, so for B2B sites, a robust SEO strategy is a must.


ICIS wanted to use organic search to get ahead of their competition to increase leads, drive sales and meet revenue targets. They needed to make these changes fast, so they turned to us to develop an SEO strategy that would deliver the results they needed.



We dove straight into a full SEO audit. This highlighted the smartest ways we could deliver an uplift in performance whilst informing our strategy. We believe in starting from a strong foundation, so we first addressed underlying technical issues before moving onto keyword targeting to boost high quality traffic.

  • Full technical site audit
  • Mirror analysis of key competitor
  • Address key performance issues to lift online visibility
  • On-page optimisation & keyword targeting


Increased traffic to a B2B site increases the number of potential leads. ICIS improved their online performance in a competitive market and were able to reach the right people at the right time.

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