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When Chris Leach founded Air Charter Service in 1990 his desire to offer the best personal service in air charter lead to a global business.


With multiple TLDs Air Charter Service faced a variety of issues, from English versions being indexed in Google indices worldwide, to a number of local version URLs showing up in the wrong index.

  • Authority issues
  • Index wastage
  • Poor conversion rates in most effected local indices


After a period of analysis and consultation with the client we agreed that Hreflang sitemaps would be the most suitable and manageable solution.

First we identified a potential content authority issue caused by multiple versions of the English language website that existed on every country specific website. These were removed or reduced to markets where English was a key spoken language.

We then mapped out the URL relationships using Excel functions; splitting the groups into manageable chunks so that we ended up with separate sitemaps for blogs and core site content, making the implementation easier to QA, error manage and update.

  • Reduced versions of the site to 41 from 60, improving crawl and index efficiency
  • Resolved the issue of multiple English versions of the site being indexed
  • Reduced the number of irrelevant indexed URLs in each country and drove a return to the most powerful URL’s appearing highest in the rankings.


In a nutshell, improved visibility in every country as the correct URLs targeted the correct country.

“The knowledge and expertise displayed by the team at Erudite perfectly aligned with our proposal. We believed our proposal to be quite complex however they provided end-to-end solutions that would work for us. Working with Erudite has been effortless but more importantly they deliver with outstanding results”

Harry Gahley, Head of Digital Advertising Air Charter Service

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