Selling luxury online

Learn how we boosted online sales over 5x for Global Watch Shop

Global Watch Shop (GWS) sell luxury men’s and ladies’ watches from some of the World’s most prestigious brands.


With outstanding customer service GWS meet the majority of their buyers and convert them to a sale but they had never sold directly from their site.

  • Organic traffic had grown but was flattening out
  • The site simply did not convert to sales
  • Information architecture was sub optimal
  • The site was very slow and confused the user journey


Following a technical audit we quickly concluded that to achieve their business ambitions their site was really not fit for purpose. Over the next three months we worked with their developer to create a new website, creating all the pages and content alongside site IA and a full SEO strategy.

Vital to the project we designed a completely new brand identify including logo and website which positioned them as a luxury brand reflecting the watches they were selling.

  • Site architected
  • Rebuilt on Magento 2
  • Faster more efficient
  • Responsive with bespoke design for mobile devices
  • Designed to generate leads and sales


All performance metrics for the site has seen positive improvements, though none so much as sales and enquiries. The new, luxury aesthetic combined with the simplified and elegant user journeys have accelerated the rate of enquiries and generated a significant amount of products sold online – something the previous site had never done.

3x Increase in Page one rankings
Totalling 370
2x Page views
5x Website sales
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