Phenomenal sales growth

Delivering 2,437% ROI in 2018 to date,
through technical SEO.

Paultons Family Theme Park covers 140 acres and offers 70 rides and attractions including Peppa Pig World for pre-school children and The Lost Kingdom which opened in 2016.


We engaged early 2017 for strategic technical marketing support for a new website scheduled for January 2018. Our scope covered SEO, CRO and web analytics services, however the primary SEO objectives were:

  • Answer the board of directors’ questions around having two sites. (Primary site for the park itself and a legacy micro site for Peppa Pig World, the parks’ main attraction.)
  • Improve revenue by overhauling mobile performance
  • Improve revenue by improving site speed


Our strategy hinged on understanding if having two sites was helping or hindering the business. Once this question was answered, the intelligence from this piece of work informed the information architecture of the new site. We had to:

1. Understand the ideal architecture between the two sites by creating a ‘roll-up’ reporting account in Google Analytics that combined data from both Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World.

2. Improve revenue via mobile performance as mobile visitors were more than 70% of traffic but less than 50% of revenue.

3. Improve site speed to improve conversion rate and contribute to positive rankings.

  • Integrate Weather API to understand ideal weather for conversion (and anomalous patterns outside of that)
  • Valuable Peppa Pig World information pages architected into main site
  • Traffic driving toy shop to remain on sub site as intent-to-visit (the park) is low
  • Mobile usability guidelines and navigation brief outlined
  • Mobile SEO and tech spec created (inc. images, lazy loading, JavaScript)
  • Upgrade to HTTP2
  • Image optimisation
  • Script audit – consolidation and removal of legacy scripts


All traffic increased by 31% year on year, though organic search drove the lion’s share of this at 27%. Most of this increase came from mobile search users.

Revenue for this year to September 30th is up 30% which is a seven figure increase. Again this has mostly been driven by mobile performance, which was up 54% year-on-year in absolute revenue terms.  The main driver of this improvement was getting the site significantly faster. Simply put, we halved site speed and doubled revenue.

31% Increase in
2,476% Return on
54% Increase in
mobile revenue YoY
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