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Data insights deliver user journey insights that raise online revenue

In 1958 the late Dr Robert Pollock was unable to find a touring pitch for the family’s annual holiday and so was inspired to purchase a worked out gravel pit at Milford on Sea. Shorefield Holidays was born.


Operating in the competitive UK travel sector where the consumer has significant choice, attracting and converting potential holiday-makers online has become critical.

With no previous experience working with an SEO specialist before, a modest budget and willingness to listen and learn we supported the team at Shorefield Holidays through the entire process.



Following a period of forensic data analysis, we found that the site visitors were not converting efficiently and that most traffic was landing on the homepage. The client embraced our recommendations to focus on increasing revenue through conversion, and getting the right rankings to the right page, rather than traditional SEO metrics such as growth in the number of rankings and visibility. We carried out an extensive journey and target term re-mapping exercise to increase the dispersal of traffic entrances. This meant that visitors arrived at more explicitly relevant pages – with a higher conversion propensity.

  • Visitor journey analysis
  • SEO Audit and corrections
  • Google Analytics audit and modification


The result; a massive success, by getting visitors to more explicitly relevant pages with a higher conversion propensity led to a record-breaking revenue year for the site. In addition whilst not an explicit KPI, we still managed to increase page 1 rankings significantly through our technical audit fixes, and strategy therefrom.

86% Increase in
Conversion Rate
75% Increase in
Online Revenue
285% Increase in
Page 1 Rankings
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