Boosting Site Revenue

Rigorous experimentation drives
mobile revenue up 47%

Pioneers and leaders in ethical wellness, Neal’s Yard Remedies create beautiful products for skin, body and home.


We were tasked with implementing a strategic CRO testing programme to enhance the performance of the site – particularly over the Christmas 2019 period and into 2020.

Working on a commission model, our goal was to achieve a minimum of £50K revenue uplift (on top of their forecast revenue for the year), as this is when we’d start seeing a return. With limited time to produce this uplift before peak period, we had to work rapidly and carefully to ensure we implemented experiments that would have the highest possible impact.

neals yard product flatlay


In order to create a significantly change-driving testing strategy in the limited time we had, we quickly familiarized ourselves with the site, getting to grips with the various user journeys, pain points and most opportunistic areas. These were:

1. The Checkout: Ensuring guest checkout was clearly signposted and improving mobile usability throughout.

2. Accessibility: There were some clear accessibility failures of vital, conversion-driving content (namely product reviews).

3. User Experience: We identified a number of opportunities to reduce the cognitive load on the user.

  • Implemented clear guest checkout interface
  • Improved hierarchy of instructions and fields throughout purchase funnel
  • Resolved accessibility failures of review content
  • Reduced exits from vital navigation pages in journey
  • Upgraded product hierarchy to satisfy customer expectation
flower field


With considerable effort put into re-designing the checkout, conversion rate was significantly improved for both mobile and desktop users, leading to a notable jump in revenue achieved over the Christmas and Spring period.

Focusing our attention then on accessibility and mobile usability, led to friction being greatly reduced and important product reviews becoming more easily readable – both of which drove a marked conversion rate improvement.

47% Increase in
mobile revenue
26% Increase in mobile
conversion rate
28% Increase in
December revenue
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