Ecommerce Challenger Brand Launch

A new brand, and an innovative product enters an established market.

A new brand, and an innovative product enters an established market.


At Erudite we want to lead by example and have long wanted to create an ecommerce business of our own, so that we can instil best practise in technical marketing from a client perspective. A passion for natural hair styling and protection led to the idea for

We gave ourselves the brief to establish a market presence, create a social media audience and design a beautiful progressive web app.



We created an Instagram account and invested in high quality photography to begin a story of both our origins and countdown to launch, as well as messages of empowerment and support for those on a natural hair journey. Our Instagram account attracted over 2,000 followers in the month prior to launch, leading to ambassador opportunities and pre-sales interest.

In order to launch with good brand presence we turned our attention to brand SEO strategies. First, we conducted a Social Graph Audit to identify areas of inconsistency across the various platforms. We found different naming conventions (SILKUP, SilkUP, Silk Up), different bios and descriptions, and many of the social platforms weren’t linked to each other. Further, there was no Wiki Data entry for SILKUP.

We ensured all social platforms used the correct naming convention, consistent descriptions and linked to each other (as far as possible) and, crucially, to Completing the Wiki Data entry was the final step at this stage before monitoring and analysing the results.



We received numerous brand ambassador applications prior to launching the business, meaning we were ready with an amplified social media marketing strategy before we even had the site indexed.

The site itself, is a full Progressive Web Application (PWA), meaning it is fast, reliable and installable, with the additional benefits of offline availability and push notifications.

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