Boosting global sales with SEO

Driving international sales for Compex, through
improved architecture and Hreflang

Sold on the ecommerce website through 11 market and currency site options in 13 different languages Compex is a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) device for professional athletes, coaches and trainers worldwide.


Compex was experiencing poor global visibility due to versions of the same pages in language sub folders. Technical issues included speed, multiple scripts, messy crawl paths, and Internal Architecture.



With the site potential being severely throttled we saw a significant opportunity to improve performance and increase revenue by ensuring the right audience was able to see the right website in their country. Unravelling the numerous challenges in a systematic way using data insights from a technical audit coupled with our experience handling numerous international Hreflang projects we simplified the complex and offered a step by step solution that delivered outstanding results.

  • Reduced the number of site versions
  • Re-architected the site to the most suitable solutions for the CMS and resource capabilities
  • Implemented Hreflang sitemaps
  • Occasionally we will have some bullets that are one line long.


All markets showed a strong and tangible increase in visibility immediately following the completion of work, with the knock-on effect being that of increased relevant traffic to the local market sites. Most importantly, as this exercise was more about getting the right URLs to rank in the right Google index, the transaction increase was far greater than the traffic increase, as relevancy was significantly Improved.

25% Increase in sales globally
within first three months
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