Accelerating Sales through SEO

Sophisticated SEO strategy and tactical activities to boost sales

With the record for the oldest logo in continuous use, the Twinings of 1706 is quite different from the business of today. Expanding from Britain’s first tea room in The Strand, now owned by Associated Foods with a grocery division turnover £1.6bn and spanning the globe.


Twinings has continually adapted to changing market conditions to stay ahead and that extends into the website arena. For over six years Erudite has supported the ecommerce team in behaviour and exceeding it’s online sales ambitions.

With extensive technical expertise across many of the largest enterprise ecommerce platforms, from Drupal, Magento, to SiteCore, Umbraco and Kentico used by Twinings we understand that SEO needs to be a consistent driver of customers to ecommerce sites.

Our overall brief from Twinings remains constant-increase year on year sales.



Informed by both data and tactical SEO activities we review, refine and adjust Twinings strategy with them throughout the year.

The SEO recommendations we make remain central to success, from identifying specific technical opportunities and fixes, UX performance analysis, spotting early signs of change, reviewing architecting to specific content ideas and keyword analysis.

Crucially, with thousands of hours studying and spotting trends we help Twinings to stay ahead from advice on mobile performance, growing traffic beyond brand to taking advantage of changes in tea consumption behaviour.

  • SEO Strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword taxonomy
  • UX analysis
  • Data insights


Year on year we have continued to focus on improving high quality traffic from organic search. Our key performance metrics are therefore related to sales and sales efficiency (per user), though of course that is as a consequence of greater search visibility across the most relevant key terms.

“Erudite really understand ecommerce, continuing to deliver on strategy and direction in a way that drives sales.”

Claire Blake, Ecommerce Manager, Twinings

10% Increase in
4.7% Increase in
Revenue Year on Year
6% Increase in
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