November 15th 2016

We’re thrilled to have made the finals of the UK Search Awards for Best Use of Search in the Travel Sector. Here, we detail the approach and results that had a significant impact on the South Coast business’ revenue.

The Business and Objectives

Shorefield Holidays is a £23 MM turnover business operating holiday parks around the New Forest and Dorset coast. From our first conversation with the marketing team, we were struck by their enthusiasm and charisma. What’s more, they had a great product offering, a range of self-catering, camping and touring holidays and holiday homes, set in some of the best locations in the UK. Our main objective with Shorefield was simple; increase online sales through search engine optimisation.



At the onset of our project, the Shorefield website seemed to be generating a good level of visits and enjoyed some decent page one rankings, but this traffic wasn’t working for the business. We knew from our experience in this sector that the site could be providing a smoother search journey and higher rate of conversions to sales. Our strategy focused on driving revenue first and foremost, largely by improving the performance and accuracy of keyword targeting.

Rather than increasing traditional SEO metrics such as rankings and visibility, our aim was to increase revenue, so all actions we recommended focused on this. Anything which we judged as having an impact on the site’s ability to drive sales, we considered our business.



To ensure that solid foundations were in place for further optimisation, our work began with a thorough technical audit, from which we delivered a range of recommendations to improve the site’s search engine performance.

We carried out an extensive journey and target term re-mapping exercise to increase the dispersal of traffic entrances from search, getting visitors to more explicitly relevant pages with a higher conversion propensity.


The project was a massive success, leading to a record-breaking year online for Shorefield. The most direct metric of our performance, organic search revenue, rose 75%, whilst organic search transactions spiked by 75% and organic conversion rate rose 86%. As we had hoped, our recommendations were bringing hugely inflated sales from similar levels of search traffic to the Shorefield site.


Our keyword mapping recommendations were also highly effective, resulting in both a rise in direct and indirect conversions. When users’ first interaction was organic search, assisted conversions hiked by 89%, whilst last click or direct conversions improved 69%, driving a 105% monetary gain.

The Shorefield site also built upon its valuable rankings as a result of this optimised keyword targeting. Between September and May, page one rankings rose by 285%, whilst page 2 and 3 rankings also increased substantially (by 29% and 56% respectively).


Due to the holistic nature of our work, Shorefield saw their entire site’s sales rise along with those in organic search. Overall online revenue increased 75% over this project, whilst the site’s ecommerce conversion rate was up 92%.

Return on investment

Weighing up the revenue increases delivered by this project against its cost shows the true scale of the benefits Erudite offered to Shorefield. Including both monthly fees and bonuses, our return on investment during this first 9 months worked out at a colossal 809%. Increases to last click or direct conversions alone stood at more than ten times our fees, whilst overall site revenue increases equated to nearly fifteen times as much.


Recommendations we gave during this project drove a record-breaking year for Shorefield, in which the company virtually sold out of inventory. With a limited budget – and within a highly competitive industry – we helped a fantastic company to monetize traffic effectively and improved the overall ecommerce performance of their entire site.

We hope you found this an insightful read. Get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your ecommerce revenue through applied SEO and CRO strategy.

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