theMediaFlow Re-brands to Erudite

erudite: adjective. Having or showing great knowledge or learning.

I started theMediaFlow in October 2010 and at that time we offered SEO services which covered content marketing and technical SEO. Over time this has changed and we have focused on technical SEO, CRO and web analytics.

Because of this, the previous company name has lacked a meaningful connection to what we do, and importantly; how we do it. It is a name we have outgrown, though it took some time to find a new name that felt like a good fit for the type and quality of technical marketing service that we offer.

Erudite, formally Erudite Agency Ltd is a name that fits our methodical, data-driven approach and suits the personalities of senior team members.



1. Why re-brand?

I wanted a name that I was proud of, and that truly reflected the services we offer and how we approach projects.


2. What does Erudite mean?

It has its’ roots in Latin, “erudire” meaning to instruct though the modern definition above is from the Oxford Living Dictionaries.


3. Why did you choose to use an “agency” TLD?

Two reasons: to be sharp and memorable, providing a business descriptor as TLD is a good use of characters. Secondly I wanted to see how migration would play out, with a well-established business on a COM TLD to the younger and less established gTLD of “agency”.

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