SMXL Milan

Fast is the ONLY Speed

Our M.D. Nichola spoke at the recent SMXL Milan conference last week in the technical SEO panel with a talk entitled “Fast is the Only Speed”. The talk was about performance optimisation and why this is so important for sites today, particularly ahead of significant index changes coming in 2018, such as Google Mobile First Index and also even greater focus on HTTPS over HTTP protocol.

We’re already in a mobile world and speed matters most, particularly on 3G devices. In fact data from DoubleClick found that after 3 second 53% of people will abandon a page if it hasn’t loaded. The scary thing is that average load time is 19 seconds. That’s a lot of missed opportunity!

Here’s Nichola’s slides from the event – which tell the story in more detail.

Fast Is The Only Speed from Erudite
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