SEO Software Review: Sistrix Toolbox

Positioned as the premier tool used by SEO professionals, SISTRIX Toolbox effectively captured our attention, so we decided to sign up. We explored its functions, we stretched its capabilities and – most importantly – we tested it on real project cases. As well as this, we benefitted from an inside view as we joined the SISTRIX team at an agency training day in London. All things considered, here we’ve reviewed some highlights that we believe you should be aware of.

Is it trustworthy?

As far as we’ve tested it, we’ve got solid results.  Personally, I was tempted to compare the results SISTRIX offered up with those generated by SearchMetrics. Encouragingly, found the same visibility pattern – even if SearchMetrics uses larger keyword sample. Plus similar results were found in Google Analytics’ organic traffic pattern.

Core metric – Visibility Index

What SISTRIX mainly does is measure visibility of domains in Google. It does this by analysing a set of one million keywords twice a week per market, taking into consideration rankings (top 100), search volume  and the estimated CTR of the given ranking positions. As well as the domain as a whole, the system allows you to analyse specific URLs or subdomains, which is very helpful.  The tool is focused on the leading search engine but – as they told us – other search engines will follow. For now, however, this toolbox is all about Google.
As you add the domain you get results with history data from 2011 and onwards. You’re given useful functionalities such as comparison (by competitor or by device) and annotations such as known Google Algorithm Updates or manually entered ones.


Overview screen

The main dashboard, called “Overview” is customisable and provides key figures and visual cues at a glance. In the same page you also get the visibility index, along with the keyword rankings. This gives a really nice quick view for an SEO health check.


Keywords & Ranking Changes

The keywords tool is the second most important, providing data for ranking distribution, ideas, competition, traffic and keywords with more than one ranking URL (cannibalisation). Here, the winning element is the functionality and the table filtering options that enable the user to quickly identify key changes on important keywords.


The competitors reporting tool combines keyword data with visibility index data. By clicking on the rankings, the user can easily identify the common terms between the main domain and its competitors.


Our thoughts

SISTRIX Toolbox provides a user-friendly environment with intuitive design. Most importantly, however, it gives solid data with which you can inform your organic search optimisation strategy. Some elements can be improved, for example the amount of keywords used in the sample (which works fine for high flyers but not for small websites), but overall we are more than happy to recommend it.




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