7. Summary

Are Digital Leaders Adapting to Mobile Audiences?

Whilst some of the UKs leading sites are starting to take note of Progressive Web App features, at the other end of the scale many leading sites even in commercial sectors are still not serving content optimised for mobile visitors.

The disparity of experience offered to mobile web users by these leading websites illustrates the scale of the improvements required in order for these organisations to successfully meet the needs in the coming age of the ‘Mobile First Index’. (1)

Source: (1) Mobile First Indexing Announcement


Our recommendations for success in search and user experience are as follows:

• Be fast, interactive and responsive

• Use HTTPS and redirect from HTTP. Don’t rely on canonical references at the expense of mobile users

• Embrace Progressive Web App features


What’s Next?

We intend to repeat this study in 2018, to see if there has been an improvement in pass rate across the 5 criteria. As attention becomes more and more important we hope to see broader adoption of Progressive Web App features for digital leaders in the UK.

“One of the scarcest resources today is attention – especially in the mobile experience. All businesses need to be constantly optimising their mobile UX to capture and hold attention, and to remain competitive.”

Purna Virji, Senior Manager – Global Engagement – Microsoft


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