December 13th 2017

In 2017, Google’s annual Consumer Barometer Study reported mobile internet usage crossed 50% for the first time in all 63 countries covered. (1)

In this study we analyse the top 1,000 UK websites against a set of 5 criteria, in order to explore how many are adapting to mobile change.  Our collated top level findings are detailed herein.

Source: (1) Consumer Barometer Study 2017


Why Progressive Web Apps

Most consumer website content is accessed by people using a mobile phone. (1) There are a number of factors that contribute to the experience of accessing content on a phone, which differs from person to person. Factors include the device and the size of screen, the browser and whether browsing “in-app”, the physical location and connectivity-speed, the security of the data transfer and the website usability on a small screen.

We believe that the majority of websites have not changed to take advantage of all the features available (and sometimes essential) to ensure a good experience for the majority of visitors. We have found that most websites offer a slow, poor user experience for mobile device users and that very few have started to take advantage of Progressive Web App features that could help to really improve this experience.

Google, the largest search engine in the UK market, has already announced plans to change to a mobile-first index in 2018. (2) Microsoft announced at the Edge 2017 Summit that the Edge browser will support Progressive Web Apps by 2018. Given that websites that are fast and usable to all visitors will convert better and keep attention longer, it makes sense that businesses should endeavour to improve their mobile experience. Businesses that are not adapting fast enough may be forsaken for those that do.cognitive-load-stressful-situations

Source: (1) Consumer Barometer Study 2017, (2) Mobile First Indexing Announcement, (3) Ericsson ConsumerLab. Neurons Inc. 2015



Slow Sites Mean Lost Potentialmobile-abandonment-rate

A web page on 3G takes 19 seconds load on average however, 53% have already abandoned the load after 3 seconds. (4)


Faster Sites Convert Better



Source: (4) DoubleClick 2015, (5) Think with Google, Google


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