July 5th 2021

I have been set a task to write a blog of 10 things I have learnt since joining Erudite. Design is my preference over writing so it’s more of a challenge than design tasks for me, but here is my little blog of what I have accomplished so far.


Snappa was an easy to use, free software where I could make some professional looking thumbnails to whatever style I thought fit our company. I learnt how to use Snappa by watching a few different tutorial videos so I knew what every button did. In the end I managed to make 4 different thumbnail templates depending on who is featured in the video and what the video is based on.


I was recommended to use Canva by my work manager to create certain things like, social media post templates or quick and easy little statements.

In my opinion I thought Canva was a good application that was easy to use, however the more complicated styles I wanted to design I couldn’t do on Canva. But I still use Canva for any simple and easy designs I need to quickly do.


Figma was by far my favourite application I have used so far, it was also recommended to me by a work colleague. Figma is a more complicated application for design, it took me a bit longer to figure out how to do a design on it but when I had watched a few YouTube videos and got the hang of it all it was amazing the designs I could implement and accomplish as it so easy to edit every little thing to make it exactly how I was picturing it.

Another feature that I love about Figma is the fact that you can do multiple designs on one document but on different frames. This made it easier for me to do a few different designs and then compare them together to see what bits I like and what bits I ended up not liking as much.


I also use photoshop occasionally when I need to edit how an image looks because photoshop is the most advanced application of them all so it has so many different options to do anything on. Just picture how you want an image in your mind and you can complete that on Photoshop. However I don’t use this application to often as I have to go onto my own personal PC to use it, so I try to do everything on Figma, but Photoshop is my backup if I can’t complete what I want on Figma.

Email Signatures

I did the email signatures on a website called Signature Hound. I found this to be a better website because it has templates already laid out for you, it is very simple to use and you can easily add links to images, such as your social media accounts.

Business Cards

I find the best way to make a new design is to search existing products on google and look at other designs people have done, this is what I did for the business cards. I designed the cards from scratch on Figma, I did a few different designs but ended up not liking them. I tried a very simple design to get me started on a new design but ended up really liking the look of the simple one as it looked so clean.

YouTube Thumbnails

On this task I have learnt how to make YouTube thumbnails. The way I learnt this was by watching YouTube tutorials and using the trial and error process to find a design that works well with the channel. I made all the thumbnails into separate templates for the different colours so it is very easy to edit for the next video.

Social Media Posts

For the social media posts from doing a few different design ideas I worked out that it is a lot more eye-catching when the design is simpler and has a variety of colours. This is better because it’s simpler on the eye at first glance if it’s simple and with the variety of colours it makes it look more engaging.


On Twitter I have followed everyone in the team and also people that have been recommended to me by the team at Erudite. I have also followed some people that work in the same or similar role to me, as then I can keep up with what they do and any new things they are doing. Twitter is more for marketing people.


When I joined Erudite I already had 100 connections from my previous job, however since joining Erudite I have made connections with the team and people they recommend. I don’t use LinkedIn as much as I use Twitter as it’s more of a variety of professions, whereas Twitter fits my role better as it’s all about marketing.

The Story So Far

There you go, there are 10 things I have learnt since working at Erudite.

My favourite task so far is 100% doing the design tasks on Figma as it’s where I have the most freedom to do whatever I want and make some more complicated designs. Also just learning how to use all these different design applications has helped me out so much because it gives me more options in future tasks.