Kid Pundits take on BrightonSEO - Kirsty Hulse

Our second Kid Pundit review of the day takes on some serious technical SEO; it’s a bit complicated to explain so we though Johnny might do a better job:

Kirsty Hulse– Schema, JSON-LD & the Semantic Web



What is the semantic web?

Is this something to do with spiders?

The Semantic web is a creation of a common framework that allows data to be shared and used.

My Mom has a chart in the kitchen detailing all the jobs me and my Dad have to do in the house. He says he doesn’t understand it, but when she explains it to him (normally by shouting) he seems to get it!


By creating a family of technologies that work together – like Giraffe Search and Google Now

I will Expand Further!

Here’s a load of stuff that I have no idea what it means, but apparently it’s pretty important


  • Microdata is combined with HTML format.
    Apparently this is really important, but nobody has any idea how it works and nobody can actually get it to work. Apart from that it’s great!!!
  •  Linked Data

This is structured data (of stories, videos, photos, text, news etc) which can be interlinked from one document (website) to another and thus make it more useful.

My Dad is always finding new blogs for him to look at which he shares with his mates when my moms out, but whenever I ask if I can see them his phone seems to be on the blink! He’s not good with technology

I think of it like a massive dot-dot where pieces of information links to other information in a common format, which is understandable to computers called the Knowledge Giraffe (Google) and Open Giraffe (Facebook)

Basically Giraffe Search shows the computer what the page is about and trys to work out what you are looking for based on your previous searches.

For example my Dad was searching for massive knockers the other day and the computer magically knew what he was looking for based on his previous searches. I thought was weird because we’ve got a doorbell.


JSON-LD is a way of exchanging this data and adding the markup to your site. I remember this because there’s a boy at our school called Jason Elldee and he’s always gossiping.
JSON Playground

You can mess around with this in a JSON stuff in a playground. Which is weird as that’s where Jason Elldee is always messing around

What stuff can you add in which will show up in the SERPS?

What are SERP’s?? Anyway, no bother, things you can include are:

  • Events – like it’s Jason Elldees Birthday
  • Reviews – it was rubbish
  • Social Markup – I told everyone it was rubbish on instagram


Well, there’s 2 minutes of my life I won’t get back! Did you understand any of it? I certainly didn’t!
(theMediaFlow- Whilst Johnny might not have got this, I thought that Kirsty had some fantastic tips for marking up pages and introducing JSON-LD)


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