Kid Pundits take on BrightonSEO - Hannah Smith

Our final Kid Pundits’ review of the day takes on Hannah Smith’s developing creative ideas:

Hannah Smith– Jaws in Space- How to Develop a Pitch for Creative Ideas

First you need to come up with an awesome idea!

But it’s really hard to determine what a good idea is. My Dad often struggles with this. We were at the pub the other night having tea and he thought it was a good idea to have 8 pints. My mom did not. My mom was right.

However, authors Chip and Dan came up with this super abbreviation to making sticky ideas!

So sticky Ideas need to be:

Here’s some examples of each of them.

  • Simple
    You need to be able to explain it to a 6 year old. I’m 10 so this is easy as my sister is 6. Well actually she’s 8, but she used to be 6
  • Unexpected
    Don’t just do a list of stuff. Booooorinnnnggg! My Mom keeps writing lists for me and my Dad and it is soooooooo dull. We ignore them and people will ignore your content if it’s just a list!
  • Concrete
    JFK said “we are going to put a man on the moon” as opposed to “we are going to win the space race”. At home my Mom says to my Dad. She says, you ARE buying me those new shoes! He does. Especially after she caught him reading is “his late night blogs”
  • Credible
    Is the data credible? If it’s from other sources then yes, but if it’s your own data expect to get knocked by everyone. And their dog.
  • Emotional
    Does it provoke an emotional response?
  •  Story
    Have we uncovered a story? As Easter has just passed my favourite story is about “the baby Jesus”!
  • Sharable
    Is it sharable? Will Jason Elldee want to tell people about it? If not, it’s probably a load of old rubbish!


The Magnificent 7
Try and hit as many of the 7 as possible! I call them the magnificent 7. I remember this as it’s my Dad’s favourite film. If you can tell a story covering as many of the 7 then you’re on to a winner!

 Clients can be nuggets!
Sometimes clients won’t go for the best ideas basically because they are a little bit thick- so we need to be better at pitching to clients.


So there you have it. My brief whiteboard Friday for the presentations from Brighton SEO. If you want to find out a bit more then feel free to read the boring stuff below! I wouldn’t bother however. Basically coz I’m not really into all this stuff and I’m just doing it for the fee!


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