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” If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
Albert Einstein


BrightonSEO is the conference for anyone interested in learning a bit more about SEO and digital marketing. Organised by the amazing Kelvin Newman, BrightonSEO is one of the few remaining free conferences that offers actionable tips and advice that you can take away.This year our summary of the conference is taking a slightly different turn, we’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Prezzybox and their Kid Pundits to review our best bits of BrightonSEO.

So keep an eye on our series of blogs today as the 10 year old Johnny Wills gets to grips with everything you need to know from this year’s conference

Greg Gifford– Local SEO May the Force Be with You

The Pigeon Update hit the UK at the end of December 2014, putting more pressure on those sites that rely upon local search. Greg Gifford from AutoRevo bought us some sci-fi inspired tips on how to make the most of your local SEO:

Who needs Local SEO?

Any business with an actual location. Like the local post office, local shop and that Club my Dad goes to where people dance on tables.

Why local SEO?

You don’t want things to be too far away, so local SEO will be nearer to you.
(theMediaFlow- local SEO will help users see the content most relevant to them on your site, this improves user experiences and increases the number of customers likely to convert landing on your site) 

Google checks how near things are to you by using pigeons. Pigeons rock.
(theMediaFlow- The Pigeon Update, which hit the UK in December 2014, it uses more traditional ranking factors and reduces the search radius on local searches.)

But how do you do local SEO?

  • Remember it’s humans that use your site so build it for them not robots
  • Put your address and contact on every page
    For example – I put my name in all my pants and vests to make sure my Dad doesn’t borrow them. It doesn’t work
  • Be consistent in naming
    Sometimes I get called John at school and then everyone gets confused, because there’s another boy in the class called John. But he’s ugly. And smells. And I’m better than him at football. Honest!
  • Get links from local sites
    For example, I’m in the cubs. We’ve got a website and we got a link to our website from the local brownies. Unfortunately we are no longer allowed to play with the brownies as apparently Doctors and Nurses “isn’t appropriate”
  • Ask people for reviews and make it easy to leave reviews
    Not every business can find amazing kids pundits to review their products so sometimes it’s good to ask the adults too…
  • Your site needs a blog too for great stories, pictures and videos.
    My Dad keeps going on blogs late at night when my mums out which he says have great pictures and videos, but when I look at his history on his computer to see which blogs he’s going on, it says there is no history. I think his computer must be broken!
  • Use schema markup on your website so you get gold stars on google
    I’m going to talk about this in my next presentation but this is a bit more complicated so I’m just warming up and I’ve only had 4 coffees

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about Local SEO. Stick around for my next synopsis once I’ve popped out for a fag break!



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