October 15th 2019

Speaking at SearchLove 2019

Most SEO consultants know the importance of speed optimisation. We know how to diagnose performance issues, we understand that faster sites lead to better engagement, conversion rates, and improved rankings especially on mobile.

As an agency, on average 65% of our clients’ visitors are on a mobile device. However only 35% of revenue is from mobile. One of the keys to improving conversion on mobile is improving the speed on the site.

Halved page load
42% increase in conversion

Unfortunately, spotting performance optimisation issues and giving recommendations doesn’t always mean it will get resolved. As the implementation is often handled entirely by the client’s developers, which are external dependences, we often have little control.

As an agency, this is a major concern, as we can’t show any ROI on our work if recommendations are not implemented and are therefore in danger of losing the client. Over the years I have fallen over my face several times and have learnt many many lessons that have helped us create a better process.

Request hypothesis framework

In this talk, you’ll learn how to diagnose audits better, create a good framework for your recommendations and get your developer to work with you. You can access the full presentation here http://bit.ly/miraclesearchlove