April 25th 2016

BrightonSEO has developed an unrivalled status in digital marketing circles throughout the years, and the last instalment on April the 22nd 2016 certainly lived up to the hype.

Whether you made it to BrightonSEO this time around or not, taking a look through speakers’ slide decks can be a great way to fill in the blanks and get a little more from the event. With this in mind, we’ve linked here to all of the presentations which we could get our hands on. Enjoy!

Search Presentations

Nichola Stott: How Generation Z is Driving Change in Search UX

Simon Jacobson – Connecting User Intent to Brand Experience

Matteo Monari – How to Survive the Merge of two Mega-Sites

Barry Adams: How to Find & Fix Crawl Optimisation Issues

Rob Bucci: Deep Diving into Featured Snippets – How to Earn More and Rise to the Top of the SERPs

Nicole Bullock – Google Webmaster Tools: The Search Consolation Prize?

Oliver Mason: Server Logs after Excel Fails

Jan-Williem Bobbink: Using Free Machine Learning APIs

Samantha Noble: Harnessing the Power of Audience Marketing Through PPC

Andrew Halliday: Basic Guide to Sever Analysis

Stephen Kenwright: Engagement Rate Optimisation: How and Why to CRO All the Things

Arianne Donoghue: What it’s like having GA Premium

William Cecil: Localising Your Global Search Strategy: Key Considerations for Tackling Multiple Territories

Jon Earnshaw: How to Fix any SEO Problem

Greg Gifford: Marketing to Local Customers

Dawn Anderson: SEO Crawl Rank and Crawl Tank 

Yiğit Konur: Evaluation of User Experience: Inner-view to Google by Published Patents Related with User Experience

Aferdita Pacrami: What Games Can Teach us About User Experience and Conversion

Christoph Cemper: Link Knowhow – 7 Things you didn’t know about links, redirects and rel-canonicals

Warren Cowan: Yes, the customer is always right: How giving customers what they want looks after your SEO (Download Link)

Sonia Mazzotta: Getting into Google News: Why it’s Worth it

Saija Mahon: Biddable media as a driver of demand fulfilment

Dominic Woodman: What is AMP and do I care?

Rachael Dines – Fundamentals of Video SEO

Content Presentations

Natalie Jones – Inbound Comedy – stand out by making your audience laugh

Alexandra Tachalova: Reactivating Twitter Accounts – Proven Techniques and Methods

Catherine Warrilow: Epic PR Fails and What we Can Learn From Them

Nathalie Nahai: The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content

Marcus Tober: Ranking Factors Reloaded – Why Content is Key to your Success

Tom Bennet: Site Speed for Content Marketers

Hannah Butcher: Hello My Name is Blogger, Don’t Make Me Mad!

Lisa Myers & James Finlayson: Why SEO Needs to Get Emotional

Emily Mace: International Targeting with Hreflang Tags

Other Presentations

Jamie Peach & Dipesh Pattni – Under the Hood of Client/Agency Partnerships

Mel Carson – Personal Branding Tips and Tactics for Professionals

Amy Brann: Brains in Business (Download Link)

Laura Hampton: How to Build Useful Audience Personas to Guide Your Digital Strategy

James Perrin – In Pursuit of UGC: The Power of Genuine Customer Reviews

Erica McGillivray: Putting Your Best Self Forward: Etiquette and Branding in Your Community

Rhys Jackson: Why marketers need a great A.S.S. (Download Link)

Olga Andrienko: Ways to localize your global brand

If you spoke at BrightonSEO and don’t see your slides here, contact us via Twitter (@theMediaFlow) and we’ll update the post to include them.