Brighton SEO: How Generation Z is Driving Evolution in Search User Experience

Humans and the way we use technology is constantly evolving. We’re a rapidly moving target that algorithms constantly move to catch up with, informed by our data feedback. Some of us are moving faster than others however, namely generation Z; the next emerging consumer group.

Speaking at BrightonSEO this year, my talk focused on meeting the user experience needs of this influential demographic, and how this will become increasingly crucial to SEO success.

Generation Z are coming

Generation Z – people born from around the year 1996 onwards – will make up 40% of consumers by 2020. These emerging consumers have an entirely different set of needs, desires and online behaviors to any other generation in history, and to be successful in the future, we’ll have to adapt our marketing efforts to deliver content in the way they expect to receive it.

Gen Z expect information faster, on all devices, and to pass directly to the object they’re looking for online. They’ll typically operate through 5 separate devices, and communicate increasingly through messaging apps, as opposed to on social networking platforms like Millennials do.

Whilst the “8 second attention span” was quite the headline grabber earlier this year, we’ve found from our own analysis of time on site by demographic across all clients in the travel, lifestyle and food and beverage sectors that this group soed far less tie o your content than any other demographic; between 11 and 25 per cent less in fact. When marketing to Generation Z you have to grab people, and grab them fast. Whilst millennials want a cool experience, their younger counterparts are more interested in a cool product, so once again, give them what they want, wherever they want it and as fast as possible to fully capitalise on their increasing spending power.

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