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Hreflang Tag Generator Tool

The power of expanding or correcting your international targeting can never be underestimated. Getting the most appropriate version of your site to serve to users is essential for delivering the best user experience and ensuring conversion.

Where is Hreflang Used?

The Hreflang tag is used to explain the language and intended geographic market for a web page.

A powerful solution for multi-market websites, Hreflang sitemaps help search engines rank the right page in the right index.

How Does It Work?

Our Hreflang Sitemap Tool converts your URL map from a CSV table into XML sitemaps in two simple steps

  1. Create a map of the pages on your site that target each specific region/language in a CSV file.hreflang-map
  2. Simply upload your CSV file and this tool will convert your file into multiple sitemaps as required.

You will then be prompted to download a combined version of your file and you’ll also be emailed it too!


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