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Take Further Control of Your Site

Google Tag Manager offers an easy way to add or amend HTML, or to track your site leads, downloads, clicks or video engagement with allows effortless integration with third-party tools and applications. With GTM you no longer need a developer to add or make changes to your site tracking abilities.

Google Tag Manager Use Cases

The capabilities of GTM as a platform are endless. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, knowledgeable community, prebuilt tags library and fantastic capabilities as a testing tool it makes it the most popular free platform out there.

Here are some examples of how you can use it.

Social Media Tracking

If your business is investing in social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll likely be using their events/tags/pixels to track your activities.

We’ll help you pull that information into GTM to make it usable alongside your own internal solutions.

Ecommerce Analytics

Improve your Ecommerce data granularity using GTM along Data Layers and Google Analytics.

Inform and optimise user journeys, plan your stock levels, reduce basket abandonment rate and improve your conversion rates.

Doubleclick and Floodlight Integration

Google Tag Manager provides an excellent solution to businesses using DoubleClick and Floodlight to give better control over programmatic audience creation.

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Google Tag Manager Services the Erudite Way

We adapt our services to suit your needs, whether you have just started tracking user interactions or you want to improve the detail and granularity of your data.

1. GTM Setup

If required, we will provide guidance into how to optimally set up your container, propose some initial actions to track on your site and get them set up and working. We can help also with: account health check, adding Google Analytics to your site, GA connection, Event tracking set up or Pixel tracking.

2. GTM Audits

If you are already using Google Tag Manager, we can evaluate and advise on how you can be better utilizing the available tags, how these can be enhanced and better organized to improve data quality.

3. Ongoing Implementation Support

Getting our findings and recommendations over to you is just a small part of any project.

We understand that GTM can be a real challenge for business owners or marketers and can be daunting to digest all of the information. Therefore, we aim to deliver an easy to digest solution and to have a 100% collaborative approach.

Google Tag Manager Insights:

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