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Is Your Data Accurate and Actionable?

A detailed Analytics audit should be the starting point for any successful, data lead business strategy.  A Google Analytics audit is basically a health check. It helps you identify if anything is broken, what reports & goals are needed and, most importantly, can we trust the data.

What Our In-depth Analytics Audit Includes

A comprehensive Google Analytics audit helps you identify where and how you could improve your data collection, reports and on which valuable metrics you are missing out.

Our Areas of Audit Include

  • Account Structure
  • Filters
  • Basic Settings and Out of the Box Configuration
  • Content and Channel Grouping
  • Missing Data
  • Collection of Sensitive Data
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Event and Goal Setup

Google Analytics Audits the Erudite Way

Our in-depth Analytics audit helps to bring clarity to your data in a easy to digest language and within a tight budget

1. Research and Account Hygiene

Prior to audit, our expert analytics consultants will work closely with you to understand your business needs, goals and KPIs. This allows us to better understand which data is most valuable for you. This way we keep our audits collaborative and our solutions will always be workable for you.

2. Actionable Recommendations

After performing a GA audit, we put together a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. This will include a clear, prioritized action list on where and why changes should be made.

Our recommendations are not only based on best practise but years of expertise with tried and tested methodologies. Our clients call this approach profitable.

3. Implementation Support

Getting recommendations over to you is only half the job. We work with you to ensure the audit recommendations are actioned and the project outcomes meet the established success criteria.

Of course, if you’d rather not undertake the actions yourself, our award-winning consultants are more than happy to action any recommendations themselves.

Google Analytics Insights:

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Unlock your business’ insight potential with an in-depth Analytics Audit

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