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Want to Get Greater Insights Into Your Clients Shopping Behaviour?

Helping businesses that use complex or bespoke Ecommerce technology to extract valuable, granular data for their stakeholders is a must in today’s shopping environment.

Enhanced Ecommerce Analysis

Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce is a powerful feature used to bring more granular insights and reports than the standard Ecommerce tracking.

You’ll be able to understand where your customer left the checkout funnel, what was removed from the basket, which promotion is the best performing and more.

How It Works

Setting up Enhanced Ecommerce can be a complex project, so we would recommend using Google Tag Manager to reduce setup time.

A measurement plan is defined and then translated into a dataLayer which captures additional data used to populate the Enhanced Ecommerce feature.

This will unlock any insights into shopping activity: product page view, adding and removing products from the basket, initiated, abandoned and completed transactions.

Enhanced Ecommerce the Erudite Way

As an award winning technical marketing agency, we’ve worked with a wide range of ecommerce businesses to unlock their customer understanding through advanced tracking and enhanced ecommerce integration.

1. Scoping & Planning

Prior to analysis, our expert analytics consultants will work closely with you to understand what granularity of metrics and behaviours are a good fit for your business needs.

2. dataLayer Examples & Analysis

After defining the measurement plan, we will put together a detailed report with any required Enhanced Ecommerce dataLayers along with instructions for implementation or remediation for any potential issues.

3. Implementation Support

Getting our findings and recommendations over to you is only half the job. We work with you to ensure the Advanced Tracking or Enhanced Ecommerce project is actioned and the project outcomes meet established success criteria.

Enhanced Ecommerce Analysis Insights:

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Want to understand your customer complex shopping behaviour? Speak to our enhanced Ecommerce expert.

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