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Online Web Analytics

Empower your business to make data-led decisions that result in improved profitability and ROI. Web analytics is an integrative service, a vital part of any digital transformation and brings in useful insights for making multi-platform marketing more targeted.

Our Analytics Consultancy Services

With our dedicated web analytics professionals, Erudite has been trusted by national and global brands through to early-stage business to provide high-quality web analytics services. We can offer:

  • Google Analytics Consultancy – Google Analytics is one of the world’s leading free Analytics platform. Invest in Google Analytics consultancy for everything from basics to complex implementations.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce and Advanced Web Tracking – Bring better insights into your strategy by analyzing online shopping behaviors, funnel visualizations, landing page reviews and granular product tracking.
  • Google Data Layer Consultancy – Google Data Layer allows you to push extra metadata through Google Tag Manager, giving you a more detailed understanding for any web behaviour.
  • Google Tag Manager – GTM will give you a complete control of your analytics by allowing to make changes to any of your analytics solution without being a developer yourself.
  • Data Studio Reporting – Having all the information you need in one easy to access dashboard is a must for every modern marketer.




Google Analytics Audit

Get ahead of the competition with our in-depth Analytics audits. Detailed, actionable and easy to digest layout.

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What You Get from Our Outstanding Service

Bespoke  Recommendations

Relax by knowing our recommendations are tailored to your case and we facilitate genuinely useful solutions.

Innovative and efficient

Detailed knowledge of complex website tracking and issues delivered within a tight budget

World Class Customer Service

Direct access to consultants. No miscommunications, just honest interactions.

Industry-Leading Consultants

Multi-award-winning SEO, CRO and Analytics professionals by your side.

Detailed Analysis capabilities

Performance and trends analysis to highlight opportunities and any potential errors.

Guaranteed ROI

Client ROI averaged over 1000% in 2019.

Erudite in practice


Overcoming Technical Complexity

Driving a step-change in performance through SEO strategy and technical improvements

Wiggle & CRC

Validating SEO Strategy

Even the most skilled and experienced teams…


Strategic SEO for B2B

Improving B2B performance through technical SEO

Rbi Icis

Need to discuss your data and web analytics needs? Contact our expert analytics consultants.

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