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What Is UX Design & Why Do I Need It?

User Experience Design is the practice of empathizing with the user. Understanding who they are, what they like and what they want can help paint a better picture of who you’re designing for. Ultimately, this leads to better engagement and better results.

What Actually is UX Design?

UX Design is the practice of understanding your users so that you can offer them the most meaningful and relevant experience.

With a great experience, you can expect improved engagement, sales, enquiries, repeat users etc.

How is User Experience Measured?

User experience doesn’t have a unit per se, but there are many ways that you can determine if an experience is bad or not.

Typically a sure sign of a bad experience is poor performance, but you have to dig deeper sometimes to understand why this is.

User research methods like interviews, user testing, polls and surveys can all help paint a clearer picture as to why users are doing what they’re doing.

Do I Really Need a Good User Experience?

The long and short of it is yes, you absolutely do! If you want your website to succeed and support your business then the experience you provide is crucial.

A user evaluates their experience sub-consciously through every interaction, scroll and search etc.

If something causes friction within that experience (e.g. they can’t find what they’re looking for) then they’re likely to try their luck on your competitors’ site – and nobody wants that.

If you’re keen to explore how your user experience could be improved then we’re here to help: get in touch today.

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The User-centric Approach

How we understand what your users want and translate that into improved performance

1. Research & Evaluation

Our first port of call is to understand your users. This is based on a whole range of data points including but not limited to personas, customer service data, surveys and polls. Essentially anything that gives us some insight into who your users are and what they want gives us a really good grounding for how we might improve their experience.

From here we evaluate this data against your current experience to collate a list of patterns and issues that we turn into opportunities!

2. Ideation & Design

We next want to turn our findings into possible solutions which means coming up with exciting ideas on how to improve the experience for your customers. This could be making sure their journey is as efficient as possible or ensuring enough feedback and guidance is given at key stages of their experience.

From here, we develop the ideas into wireframes and then into high-fidelity designs that are ready for production. This process is vital to ensuring everything is considered from the basic structure all the way up to the shadow behind a card.

3. Testing / Evidence

It’s important for us to make sure our designs achieve what we set out for them too. This way we can prove value, but also save you money by not having development budget eaten up.

Sometimes the changes are common sense and low-risk, which means we’ll usually go straight for implementation and then close monitoring after. The reason for this is two-fold:

  • It can take a long time to get statistically significant test data back on minor changes that have a small impact on conversion
  • We also want to make sure our time with you is spent in the most effective way for your business – fighting for the big wins!

UX Design Insights:

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