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What Even is CRO & Why Do I Need It?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (known as CRO) is the art of making your traffic work more efficiently. Simply put, we optimise your site so that users are more likely to buy, enquire or sign-up – whatever your KPIs are.

CRO Explained

Conversion rate is the percentage of users that achieve a desired goal – typically sales or form/call enquiries. Traditionally, the focus has been making sure as many users get to your site as possible, as increasing traffic will no doubt have a positive impact on your KPIs.

CRO instead aims to optimise the traffic that is already reaching your website as a significant portion is likely to not be converting. This means you can spend less on social/paid traffic, which requires you to keep spending money to see a continued return on your investment.

Our CRO strategies, however, ensure that once a winning test is deployed, your site continues to benefit from the results month after month, year after year.

What Does it Involve?

It’s a far-reaching topic for a quick overview:

  • Data Analysis – CRO is solely based on data that inform our hypotheses and ensure we learn as much as we can from our tests (An hypothesis is a short sentence that describes the changes we expect to happen as a result of our tested optimisations)
  • Design – A combination of user experience design and user interface design help ensure that our tests are not only well optimised for the user’s experience but also look the part as well!
  • A/B Testing – Tests allow us to determine when our optimisations improve your KPIs and are a sure way to get proof of concept before spending development budget

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What Can You Expect When Working With Us?

Data-Driven Recommendations

Relax with confidence knowing our recommendations are evidence-based.

Guaranteed ROI

Client ROI averaged over 1000% in 2019.

World Class Customer Service

Direct access to consultants. No miscommunications, just honest interactions.

UX & UI Design That Works

You’re in safe hands whether we’re designing or advising, our results are proof.

Save on Development Costs

Keep development costs to a minimum by only implementing designs that work.

A Cross-functional Team by Your Side

CRO, Website Design, Data and SEO will all play a part in making sure your site gets what it needs at the right times.

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