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Why Do I Need an SEO Audit?

An audit of your website of the first step in diagnosing and understanding what is holding back your performance. Use our checklist as an aide-to-process, rather than a definitive list, and this will help you frame how you manage your site integrity.

50 Point SEO Audit Checklist

Our checklist helps you going through the diagnosis process by highlighting key technical issues that not only affect your site’s performance, but might hinder Google from crawling and indexing your site.

We Focus on 5 Core Site Health Issues:

  1. Crawl – Check that your site can be crawled and indexed
  2. Integrity – URL maintenance (broken links, tags, parameter handling)
  3. Duplicate Content – Multi-targeting, Canonical tag, Duplicate page
  4. On-page Optimisation – Analyse if the content is relevant to target terms
  5. Rich Snippets – Explore rich snippets opportunity

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