We are Erudite

With a methodical, data driven approach, we are a technical
marketing agency that specialize in SEO, CRO and web analytics.

Established in 2010 by founder Nichola Stott, Erudite is a Technical Marketing Agency with focus on technical SEO, CRO and Web Analytics.

Nichola founded Erudite having previously worked at PRNewswire, Investis and Yahoo! to provide a high quality consulting service at the cutting edge of technology and marketing.

Nichola is a well- respected industry leader and speaks at conferences around the world on topics related to technical SEO, international SEO, SEO for ecommerce, performance optimisation, mobile SEO and Progressive Web Apps. You can see Nichola’s upcoming speaking schedule on her speaking site.


Erudite has earned many awards and credits, including BIMA, UK Search Awards and Wirehive Awards. Both for our results and our commitment to innovation in the industry; having pioneered Hreflang sitemaps and creating the Hreflang Sitemap Tool, which is freely available and has been used by over 3,000 technical marketers across the globe.

Prior to trading as Erudite Agency LTD in 2017, the business was known as theMediaFlow (MediaFlow LTD). Over the years as theMediaFlow we saw the company evolve, not only in what marketing we were doing but also in our focus and approach. The name Erudite better conveys who we are today and how we do what we do.

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